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Anokijig 2024

Anokijig 2024

Traditional Anokijig Coming Back for 2024!

Please review the video or transcript below prior to registration to know what Summer 2024 will look like and a bit about our new online registration system. Thanks. 


(Video Transcript)

Hello from Camp Anokijig!

I hope that today finds your family safe, well, and enjoying the holiday season. Here at camp we are feeling the first bites of winter and planning for the warmth of the first day of summer camp 2024.

I know many of you have been waiting to see when you can sign up for summer camp. Well I’m happy to report that the time has finally come. We apologize that it’s a little later than we would have liked. For the past 6 months, we have been working on a major website update that should make the registration process a lot easier and have a few new useful tools, but it hit a few last minute technical snags that I’m happy to report have now been resolved. I’ll talk about some of those features in just a couple of minutes. But let’s talk a little about Summer Camp 2024 first.

Camp will be back to “pre covid form”. Accept for the check-in and check-out times which will continue to be done in waves. That system has worked very well. However, for those of you that came in the early weeks of 2023 I’m happy to report that we are also back to parents taking kids to the sections at check in. Yes, you can help set up your kids again and get to see more of camp than the parking lots.

As with last season no vaccinations are required for participation however, the reality is that our program mixes nearly 500 people together each day so while not required we highly recommend vaccination for all major communicable diseases. Last year Anokijig returned to a long-standing practice of focusing on symptoms. Campers and staff were screened for sickness and injury upon arrival; this will continue to be the case. As with other facilities like day cares and schools, we will again ask that for the health and safety of all; if your camper experiences symptoms of any communicable disease, or has contact with someone diagnosed with one, within 10 days of their session; that you will keep them home. In these cases, we will gladly do our best to reschedule your child's stay once they are healthy or return your fee with a doctor excuse. If a child arrives with symptoms, they will not be allowed to stay. These policies worked very well last year. We will inform you of any change that might affect our policies; but we don’t anticipate any. Arriving as healthy as possible is the key to having Anokijig truly remain running as “normal”. With everyone taking this care and commitment, we hope to have a safe and rewarding summer for everyone.

So, what about registration. The link is now live on our new system. The link will send you to a page where you can see what sessions are open or full. Once you check on that you can either click to sign up for an open spot or click to get on a wait list for a spot. We opened the registration function up a few days ago for campers returning from 2023. For a NEW website format it has done well but did have a few technical glitches that seem to be working now. As with any new site you don’t get a true test until lots of people are on it. Hopefully, you’ll have no trouble but do know that we are actively working on any bugs that come up. We appreciate your patience. We do also know that in its current form it is much easier to use in something other than a phone. You do need to be sure to follow the directions though to keep from experiencing issues.

In our former system, there were no actual “logins” so the key difference now is that when you start the registration process, as a Parent you will create a login on once even if you have been coming to Anokijig for a lifetime, but you only need to do it once. That will be your “Parent” login going forward for the future. The system will email you a link to make a “parent” password to use when you login for future visits. Once in, you will create a unique user name for you as a parent and then create your camper’s account (or sub account) with a unique user name for each of them. Your campers’ account and any additional campers you register will then always be accessible through your “Parent” login. It is within your camper’s account that you’ll choose their weeks and programs. The site is a bit more like a store where you’ll see what you “buy” along the side in a “cart” so you can always see your progress. Like, in the old system at the end when you click to pay you’ll be able to use a credit card or a paypal account. In the future when you log in you’ll be able to see what you’ve paid, pay off your balance, and in the near future you will see camp store purchases there also so you can keep track of your child’s account from home. We think it will be a real improvement once we all get used to it.
We have also provided a link to a tutorial to help you through if you would like.

Finally, in addition to getting registration open we also have a great new project happening at Anokijig. We are gearing up for our upcoming Centennial in 2026 with the building of Centennial Lodge. It will be a great addition to Anokijig with improved storm shelter capacity, improved health lodge, indoor program space, and More! Check out our website that Anokijig Expands link for all the details and photos of our progress. In fact, right now we have a generous donor that has offered a $35k match for donations between now and 12-22-23. If you’d like to help us get that full match please visit the link in the email for that too. Together, we will keep Anokijig vibrant for another 100 years.

So we are off and running with Anokijig’s 99th registration season. If you have any issues registering or questions about our program feel free to give our office a call 8am-5pm during the week or shoot us a message to this email.
On behalf of the whole Anokijig team, take care and be well.

See you in 2024!!

Take Care,

Darin Holden
Executive Director
Camp Anokijig
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