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Bridge to the Future - Centennial Lodge

Bridge to the Future - Centennial Lodge

Anokijig invests in its next century of Service!

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Anokijig is a Native American word that means, “We serve.” Since its humble beginnings in 1926, Anokijig has provided camp experiences that change the lives of kids and families by creating a community driven by positive values, personal growth, great adventures, and outrageous fun.  Anokijig teaches independence, responsibility, respect, caring, teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of community involvement, to name just a few. Camp Anokijig is uniquely suited to provide an environment for kids to gain these vital skills and values. It’s a “life skills factory!”

Like any factory, as the need for what it produces increases, the size and scope of the facility needs to adjust. Early days at Anokijig saw less than 100 campers attend each summer session. The main lodge was "Optimist Lodge"  Serving  campers from 1926 through 1948. As Anokijig grew, the need for a new lodge to became clear. In 1949 "Western Lodge" was dedicated to serve the ever increasing Anokijig population of Campers. 
Today, 400 campers and teen leaders attend in any given week. Over the course of nearly a century, Anokijig has transformed into a summer destination for more than 3,000 campers. Camp has expanded to include year-round programming for families, groups, and schools. Annually, across all Camp’s programs, more than 10,000 people are impacted by Anokijig’s motto, “We Serve.”
As we look forward to our next 100 years, there are critical needs that must be addressed and opportunities possible to expand our reach.  To effectively serve our current and growing level of participation; we need to invest in several key facilities that serve the safety and health & wellness of our Camp community. These facilities were built to accommodate between 190 – 250 campers, well short of our current need. Our mission demands high-quality programs and services throughout the year. Our ability  to fulfill this goal is capped by the capacity of our current facilities. It’s time to invest in Camp Anokijig in order to fully realize our potential.
Camp Anokijig’s first major fundraising campaign in nearly two decades, “Bridge to the Future,” is an investment in the following needs and opportunities at Camp:
  • Repurpose the Director’s Lodge
  • Revitalization of Western Lodge


Centennial Lodge
The most critical component of this fundraising campaign, Camp Anokijig is breaking ground on its first major facility in more than 80 years. 
Adjacent to, and connected to Western Lodge, Centennial Lodge will create the following opportunities at Camp Anokijig:
  • Camper safety: Secure storm shelter space for more than 475 campers and staff to quickly get to safety during severe weather. Today, we meet in Western Lodge, then must scatter back out through the storm to multiple smaller facilities. The safest option is to have one secure, centrally located shelter for everyone to gather.                    
  • Healthcare needs: Built in 1953 to serve 190 campers and staff, the current Health Lodge is no longer adequate. Centennial Lodge will include expanded modernized health & wellness facilities to serve today’s camp population at a time when healthcare has become ever more prominent.
  • Year-round programming: Centennial Lodge will include space that will create opportunities to serve more campers from November through March, as well as provide indoor programming space during summer rainy days and allow for new types of winter programming. (i.e. company events, teambuilding events, trainings, etc.).
  • Program Development: The topmost floor of the new Lodge will provide space to support greater collaboration, eliminate the inefficiency of moving temporary offices twice per year, and allow staff to focus on improving offerings at Anokijig and overall camper experience.
For a closer look at the diagrams  and photos of our progress click HERE
Camper Housing Expansion
Remodeling and repurposing the current Director’s Lodge will accommodate additional groups throughout the year. The addition of 65 camper beds in this space will support the surging demand in summer camp and accommodate more families and groups during the fall, winter and spring.
Western Lodge Revitalization
Built more than 80 years ago, Western Lodge needs interior and exterior renovations. 
Resurfacing the building’s exterior, refurbishing the entry space and walkway, rebuilding and refinishing the doors and adding a deck outside the main entry will build on Western’s welcoming nature and help it withstand future Wisconsin winters. 
Interior improvements will include reconfigured office space, an expanded pantry, and the addition of a family bathroom.
Western Lodge will continue to be the “heart” of Anokijig for decades to come; a gathering place for campers, families, alumni, and staff to create lifelong relationships and memories. Its revitalization will ensure the longevity of this facility
 for many future generations.

We Need Your Help!
In 2026, Camp Anokijig will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We are at a critical juncture in our history and are asking for your support.
Bridge to the Future is a $6.7 million investment in positive values, personal growth, great adventures and outrageous fun for the campers of today and tomorrow. It is an investment that will allow Camp Anokijig to continue to be a transformative presence in the lives of thousands of campers every year. An investment in the motto, “We Serve.”
Thank you for your commitment to Camp Anokijig and your investment in our campers. We look forward to discussing how you can help support our campers and build an exciting future for many generations to come.

To Donate

Please visit our Centennial Donation page by clicking HERE.  
Enjoy the photos of the work-in-progress and come back often to see more!


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