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Jim Scherer

Jim Scherer

Anokijig Executive Director 1985-2016

Jim first came to Anokijig as a young boy looking for adventure, and he found it! 

 Captivated by the place and the people, Jim spent many years of his life as first a camper, then counselor at Anokijig.  As a Junior and Senior Staff member, he worked in nearly every part of Camp, eventually becoming a wrangler at the corral where he found his niche.  Not long after, he became Horsemanship Director, teaching kids how to saddle and ride their steeds.  Many campers over the years have been captivated by Jim’s stories of his time in the corral. 

When Anokijig was in dire need of a Director in 1985, Jim stepped in and never looked back.  With Jim as Executive Director, Anokijig thrived and grew as a YMCA summer camp.  In 2006, the Camp reached a bump in the road.  The Racine YMCA put Anokijig up for sale.  With the future of Anokijig on the line, Jim led the charge in making Anokijig an independent entity, ensuring the existence of Anokijig for generations to come.  As an independent camp, Anokijig now began to soar.  Anokijig has become one of the premier camps in the Midwest, in large thanks to Jim Scherer and his drive, perseverance, and devotion to Anokijig, to the campers, to the staff, and to the mission we work towards every day.  If asked what has kept him here for over 60 years, Jim will tell you it was all for Anokijig’s mission to serve the children. 

After 31 years as Executive Director, Jim has decided to pass the torch.  It is with a heavy heart that we close the pages on this chapter, but with love and thankfulness that we realize we would not be where we are today without his leadership and guidance. 

However, in true Anokijig fashion, this is just goodnight and not goodbye.  Jim will continue on in a supporting role  for our new Executive Director through the transition and for some time to come. He will dedicate much of his time to shoring up the pillars of Anokijig to ensure the success of this place far into the future.  Thank you, Jim, for all you have done for Camp and the campers.  We would be adrift without you, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you down the road.