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Anokijig 2022

Anokijig 2022

Traditional Anokijig Coming Back for 2022!

Directors Video Address regarding Summer 2022

Hello from Camp Anokijig!                                 

Hopefully today finds your family safe and well and looking forward to a better 2022.
The last 2 years have been quite a unique and challenging experience for all of those involved at Anokijig. In 2020 with an adapted program Anokijig delivered unique and memorable experiences to over 540 campers. In 2021 again still battling the pandemic but with a little vaccination help Anokijig served 1300 campers. A few more than before but many less than we would like to see. For those two seasons (like most of the world) Anokijig was different in many ways. Different schedules, different programming, and numerous safety precautions. The glowing comments we heard from the kids and parents of 2020 and 2021 were innumerable. It was clear that the Spirit of Anokijig and its effect on people could not be deterred by restrictions on how and what we did. It was the experience of people coming together to create a positive community that shown through.
However, a lot less campers were able to experience Anokijig than usual, and many of the signature pieces that Anokijig campers have grown to love over the last 96 years had to be set aside. Things like Ranch, Circle A, Stamper, Carryovers, etc.  As result of all of those adaptations, Anokijig was almost able to get through the summers with no CoVid transmission. But, after the last kids went home in 2021 I got the message I’d been hoping never to see. Once home, a camper tested positive. Over the next week we heard of 3 others. Since over 2000 campers and staff came over those 2 seasons and we only had 4 cases, some would call that a success.  At camp, anyone getting CoVid is too many. For 2022 we need to do something different. 
Now, as we plan for 2022 we find ourselves in a slightly different situation; we’ve got a few more options. The advent of the CoVid vaccine becoming available for all the ages we serve can help us make some different choices (for 2021 nearly 95% of our staff were vaccinated and 80% of our campers were vaccinated or seeking it). From the beginning of the pandemic we chose to move forward to make our program as safe as possible by following the guidelines painstakingly researched and published by the American Camp Association in conjunction with the CDC. To date, their main recommendations have not changed and we don’t anticipate they will in the near future. The key point…. If a camp is fully vaccinated they can go back to pre-pandemic life, with no restrictive protocols. If not fully vaccinated the camp program must be limited in size, scope, and with multiple protocols. The fully vaccinated guidance was the case in 2021, however the vaccination was not available to a significant proportion of our campers. Now it is. 
Hence, to allow for Anokijig to serve the most number of campers possible, with the style of programming that has made Anokijig famous, and in the safest way possible, we have made the decision to return to our traditional “free style” version of Anokijig with the requirement that all participants and staff be fully vaccinated. We understand that there are people who will not agree with our decision. However, since the vast majority of our campers and staff were in this category in 2021, and the vaccine is now available to all ages we serve, we believe this is the best way to continue our mission of serving the most campers possible in the safest way possible within the current safety recommendations.
To that end we have started our registration season.  To register just  check availability for your preferred session at
If you have any questions at all, just call our office.  We are open year-round.
On behalf of the whole Anokijig team, take care and be well.
See you in 2022!!
Darin Holden
Executive Director