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An Exciting Announcement from our Board

An Exciting Announcement from our Board

Entering the Next Chapter in the Anokijig Story

To the Anokijig Family,

Today, it is with mixed emotions we are announcing that after more than 31 years as Executive Director of Camp Anokijig, Jim Scherer is stepping down from that position and passing the torch of leadership to Darin Holden, who has been appointed to the position of Executive Director.

Jim has a rich history with Anokijig that spans more than 60 years, from Camper to Staff Member to Executive Director.  His experience and knowledge of “everything Anokijig” is second to none.  In the years as Executive Director under the YMCA, he maintained the viability and the exemplary standards of Anokijig in the camping community.  When Anokijig went its own way in 2006, he took it from uncertainty to recognition as one of the premier camps in the Midwest.

Darin has been working alongside Jim for many years and we are confident he will do an excellent job as Executive Director.  His experience and dedication to Anokijig has been a valuable asset and we look forward to a long and successful association with him in this new role.  Jim will be staying on for a while in a supporting role to help make a seamless transition and to support the mission of Anokijig in any way he can.

As you know, Jim has never been short on words when it comes to matters of Anokijig.  Because of your long and continued support we thought you might appreciate an advance look at Jim’s message regarding this change that will appear in the upcoming edition of the Anokijig Arrowhead, our alumni newsletter:

Some of you may not know this but I have seen the seasons change at Anokijig as Executive Director since 1985.  I am so grateful to have had this wonderful experience and I can’t imagine anything that could have been better.  It has not always been easy but the rewards that come when serving children outweigh everything else.  Besides, without Anokijig I would not have met my wife and experienced the magnificent joy of being a father to three wonderful girls.  I have truly been blessed.  The time has come for me to step down and hand the reins over to Darin Holden.  I find that so easy to do because we have been together for many years and I know how capable he is.  I have great respect for Darin because he is honest, reliable, and has a moral compass that represents the values of the Anokijig Mission.  I know that Darin will carry on all the positive traditions that we have worked so hard to develop.  He is very talented and understands the value of an Anokijig Experience.  I can’t wait to see what new wonders he will add to the programs and to the magic of this place.  I am fortunate to be able to celebrate with him and hand off this leadership role to someone so deserving.  I’ll be around for a while working to support him and to help in any way that I can to ensure the future of Anokijig.  Thank you everyone for your friendship, support and the many wonderful memories.  As always, sit back, imagine the campfire, and catch the spirit.  Jim Scherer

2016 has been our most successful year ever and we are very excited about this new chapter in the Anokijig story.  Please join us in honoring Jim for all that he has accomplished at Camp Anokijig and in supporting our new leadership into the future.


Peter Anderson, President

Friends of Camp Anokijig, Inc.

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