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2022 Summer Camp Forms

2022 Summer Camp Forms

Everything you need to get ready for your summer at Anokijig!

Printable forms

The remainder of the forms on this page include all the paperwork you'll need to get your camper ready for a great summer! All forms and fees must be completed and returned to the Anokijig Office  6 weeks prior to your Camper's arrival at Camp. 

NOTE: Print all camper forms for 2022

2022 CoVid Waiver

2022 Parent Pack

2022 Medical Form


2022 CoVid Vaccination Status and Waiver Form - Notification and forms to follow approximately six weeks before camp arrival

Other independent forms to send to Anokijig:  copy of health insurance card, proof of tetanus shot or immunization list from health provider, copy of covid vaccination proof; either CDC card or health provider list


Day Trips

Inflatable Aqua Park Waiver

Inflatable Aqua Park Handout

Paintball Waiver

Paintball Handout

Tree Climbing Waiver

Tree Climbing Handout

Whitewater Rafting Waiver

Whitewater Rafting Handout

Noah's Ark Handout