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Junior Staff

Junior Staff

Junior Staff youth leadership program is available for teens age 15 to 17.

At Camp Anokijig , there are two considerations that greatly influence campers.  One is that the dynamics of our community is a motivating force for personal growth.  Just being surrounded by positive experiences makes a difference.  Two is that campers soon discover that this community is a second home to them and they want to be a part of is welcoming, fun, and they love it!  A by-product of this environment is that many of our teens want to become part of our Staff.  The door opener for them to become a member of our Staff is by participating in our Teen Leadership Program.  This is a pathway to Junior Staff and a future connection to Senior Staff and Director responsibilities.  Those individuals who are willing to give of themselves for others, practice a positive way of life, and set a good example for those they seek to work with,  will find this an enriching and enjoyable journey.  When a candidate is accepted, there is no fee required to participate in the Leadership Program. 

Junior Staff  (Teen Leadership Program)

This position is open to those individuals who are fifteen years of age or older, in High School, and have completed the Teen Leadership Program Pre-Camp Training.   The position requires a minimum committment of three weeks.  One week of classic style training and a minimum of two weeks in Experiential Activities.  Junior Staff members must be willing to participate in any of the many activities at Anokijig but will never be asked to do anything beyond their ability without training.  Responsibilities fall into two categories.   Junior Staff are assigned to a specific camper group section.  In this assignment, the Junior Staff will work as an assistant to the Senior Staff as part of a team helping campers with their daily needs and schedules.  Each Junior Staff will also be assigned to a Program Area.  Under the supervision of the Program Area  Senior Staff, the Junior Staff will assist in the teaching and  supervision 

 Waterfront-Horses-Adventure Challenge-Crafts- etc,  or it could be one  of the operational program areas like Trading Post, Work Crew, Kitchen, Special  Events, Dining Hall etc.          

 The benefits of the Junior Staff Program include leadership training, opportunities to learn new outdoor skills, group management, planning, problem solving,  and a long list of personal growth elements that will benefit them for a lifetime.  The Junior Staff have scheduled off time and After Taps Privileges.  Junior  Staff is also a pathway to Senior Staff and Director responsibilities, plus participation will be a good addition to their future resume, and satisfy any  requirements for a service project.     

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