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Tube-a-thon resources

Tube-a-thon resources

Tools and Advice to Help You Reach Your Goal!

Tools to Help You Reach Your Goal
Why Are You Raising Money for Tube-a-thon?

Tube-a-thon is a weekend filled with Camp friends and fun! But who really benefits?

  • Money raised goes directly to the Campership Fund to help families send their children to Camp.  Lack of the financial means to pay for Camp should not stop a kid from having all the great experiences you have had at Camp.
  • Previous Tube-a-thon events have helped hundreds of kids who otherwise would not have had to the opportunity to have that Camp experience.
  • YOU are helping make a difference!
How Do I Raise The Money?
  • Set a goal for yourself. Often everyone goes for the minimum. Instead of raising just enough to come for the weekend, why not try to raise enough for one kid to come to Camp?
  • Ask people you know! Friends, teachers, neighbors, relatives, your parent’s friends, coaches, etc. These are people you already have some connection with. They are much more likely to be receptive to your request.
  • Arm yourself with information. Be able to answer these questions:
What is Tube-a-thon?
Why are you raising money for it? (see above)
Who gets the money? (see above)
How much are you trying to raise?
  • Challenge Yourself!