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2020 Junior Staff Application Parent Approval

2020 Junior Staff Application Parent Approval

PARENTS: This application  and this program is an opportunity for your child to get some practical experience in a working environment– throughout the process please provide guidance but allow your child to fill out all forms on their own. Please understand that after original confirmation of acceptance in the program our primary source of communication will be with your child. However, if you ever have concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact our office. 

All Jr. Staff positions are non-paid volunteer

Camp Anokijig is an equal opportunity employer.


Parent Approval

I understand that my child has applied to take part in the Volunteer Camp Anokijig Junior Staff Leadership Program. I support their desire to take part in this program and will assist through guidance and supplying any of the required signatures on camp forms. I authorize Camp Anokijig to investigate my chlds personal, criminal, or work history.   I also authorize the companies, schools, or persons named by my child to give any information they may have regarding my child, whether or not it is in their records. I hereby release said companies, schools, or persons from all liability for any damage for issuing this information. I understand that any misleading or incorrect statements on my childs' applicaiotn may render my childs' application void and if accepted, would be reason for termination from the program. I fully understand and agree that the submission of this application does not obligate Camp Anokijig to offer my child a position in this volunteer program, continue to accept my childs services in the future, or obligate my child to take part in this program. I understand and agree that if chosen for a Junior Staff position Camp Anokijig will be relying on their participation for the confirmed sessions and will ensure their attendance. I also understand that if acccepted to a Junior Staff position the primary contact with Camp Anokijig will be through the email supplied by my child.