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2024 Junior Staff Application

2024 Junior Staff Application

PARENTS: This application is an opportunity for your child to get some practical experience in the working world – please provide guidance but allow your child to fill out this form on their own.

All Jr. Staff positions are non-paid volunteer

Camp Anokijig is an equal opportunity employer.

First Application deadline is January 22nd, 2024. Applications received after this date will be considered on the basis of remaining staff openings.

Camp ID#
Please Enter The Camp ID # used in previous years (camper id). If New Please Enter "0000"


Educational Background:

Your Last Day of School for Spring 2024

2024 Summer Camp Schedule Preferences

Staff Training attendance is required by the ACA for all staff members – you must complete any video training prior to arrival, and attend one of the  Jr. Staff orientation sessions that are offered in order to be considered for Jr. Staff.

The current orientation plan includes:

  1. All Necessary Paperwork Needs To Be Uploaded to WorkBright (web paperwork platform)  by April 1st, 2024
  2. Online Video Training  to be completed by May 17th, 2024
  3. Onsite Training Options:
  • Jr. Staff Training (June 9 - 14)  -  Check In :1:30 PM
  • Alternate Jr. Staff Training (June 15 - 22)  Check In: 4:00 PM
  • Alt Alt Jr. Staff Training (June 30 -  July 6th)  Check In: 10:00 am 

The Alternate Orientation Sessions are available only for those who are still in school during the regular training session unless arrangements are made with the camp management. Training dates will be assigned at time of confirmation. 

Choose "Yes" for all sessions that you are available to volunteer and "No" for any that you are absolutely not available.
Week 9 end time for Staff is different, Saturday August17th at 5 pm!
Rank the sessions that you would like to work in order of preference. Number 1 should be the one you want to attend most – we will do our best to accommodate your choices. Put 0 for weeks that you are unavailable to work.
Do not include the Jr. Staff Training session in this count


Personal References:

Give names and addresses of three persons who have knowledge of your character, experience and/or ability (be sure to notify your references that they may be contacted by Camp Anokijig)




Previous Work Experience:

List any employers or volunteer agencies you have worked for in the last 5 years. Previous employers may be contacted for verification and reference purposes



Certification Courses Completed:

Have you completed any certification courses in the following areas? If so, click the topic name below and enter the course info.

Be sure to specify the certifying agency (Red Cross, American Heart, etc.) and type (basic, advanced...)


Skill Chart

Indicate your skill-level & interest in these areas, using the following scale:

1 - No knowledge/not interested 4 - Considerable experience & Skill/ able to assist person in charge
2 - Little knowledge but interested 5 - Some leadership & teaching experience
3 - Have had experience as a participant 6 - Able to organize & teach as person in charge

NOTE: Rating of any particular skill as high doesn't not commit you to working in that skill area. This information helps us plan for training. 

For all applicants, which programs would you be most interested in working this upcoming year?

For returning staff, select the three skill areas you have worked the most in previous years.



Include any experience, trainings, or certifications that you believe would be beneficial to your role as an Anokijig staff member:

Any school, church or other activities in which you have participated and any positions of leadership held (Youth groups, dramatics, student government, sports, etc...)
Any skills, hobbies or interests you have that may be of use to you as a staff member
Any camps you have attended other than Camp Anokijig (What camp? What kind of camp? When did you attend?)
Any experiences you have had at Camp Anokijig (Weekend volunteering, knighthood, skill awards, etc...) that you think would make you a good choice as a staff member
Any other qualities you have that would make you a good choice as a staff member
What motivates you to be an Anokijig Jr. Staff.


Your responses on this portion will remain confidential.

Applicants Affidavit

I affirm that the information provided by me in this application is true and correct without consequential omission of any kind whatsoever. I also authorize the companies, schools, or persons named by me to give any information they may have regarding me, whether or not it is in their records. I hereby release said companies, schools or persons from all liability for any damage for issuing this information. I understand that any misleading or incorrect statements may render this application void and if accepted, would be reason for termination from the program. I authorize Camp Anokijig to investigate my personal, criminal, or work history. I fully understand and agree that the submission of this application does not obligate Camp Anokijig to offer me a position in this volunteer program, continue to accept my services in the future, or obligate me to take part in this program. I affirm that I have shared my interest in participating and applying for this volunteer positon with my parent (s) or guardian and that I will need to aquire their signature to participate. 

I understand that to complete my application my parent or guardian will need to complete the Junior Staff Application Parent Approval.

It is highly recommended that everyone be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination but it will NOT be required for 2024.