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Family Camp online registration 2022

Family Camp online registration 2022

We hope that the winter has been a positive one for you and your family despite dealing with the continued Coronavirus pandemic. After much planning and many adaptations to meet a host of safety guidelines, we found a way to successfully run summer camp  in 2020 and 2022 as well as versions of Family Camp  for Labor Day and Fall Colors. Now, we turn our energy toward 2022. It is our hope that by the time we get to our first family weekends in May that some restrictions may be able to be relaxed. However, we just don’t know yet. Therefore, we will plan to move forward with the assumption of needing to run our weekends with the similar adaptations that we did in 2021 meeting the most current safety guidelines, while still providing you and your family with a weekend to relax, reminisce, and re-kindle the Anokijig spirit. If you didn’t experience the 2020 weekend, in short, a camp weekend in 2022 will look different from what you’re used to seeing. The changes made to the family camp program are detailed in a sample guide the you can review by clicking HERE. One key addition, to try to enhance safety as much as possible, we are asking our participants to be either "up to date" on CoVid 19 vaccination or provide a negative PCR test result from samples taken within 3 days of arrival.  These changes were guided by the CDC, the American Camp Association, camp professionals, and state and local governments. Please remember that these changes may be somewhat fluid. As we move through phases, discover better practices, etc.,  we may need to or be able to make changes that may be more or less restrictive. If anything changes we will be sure to inform you prior to your arrival. The information in this guide includes considerations prior to arrival, programs to expect, health and safety precautions that will be in place, and post-camp precautions. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at  or 920-893-0782. Darin Holden—Executive Director.

Each registration must be accompanied by a $50 per-person deposit, payable on the next page. Click here to review lodging & pricing options in a new window.

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